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        Established in 1966,Kern Engineering & Manufacturing Corp. is dedicated to helping provide customers with the imagination and shielding technology needed to keep pace with the ever changing industries of electronics, communications, computing and others. Kern components have been and are being used throughout the world to protect sophisticated electronic hardware and systems under the most adverse conditions against EMI/RFI and EMP. Our company-wide conviction that all EMI/RFI shielding problems are solvable has made KERN the leader in shield termination products and connector accessories.  


        This Web site is the  electronic companion to our EMI/RFI Back shells and Connector Accessories Catalog. Through this Web site you will not only get an overview of the Kern product line but also an introduction to the various departments available to assist you with your shielding needs. In the very near future you will be  able to place orders electronically. Now that the introductions are over let's begin.


6/30/2011 We are slowly moving from flash to HTML.
6/30/2011 The drawings are back up with a temporary way to sign-in, we will update daily on the progress. To register please go to http://kerneng.com/registration/
6/30/2011 The website will be under construction and be daily updated, so prepare to see various changes.




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